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"The first thing I noticed about this cable was the authority and tightness in the bass.  This cable goes low.  In this regard, it is one of the most authoritative and dynamic I’ve heard... Articulation is very smooth and instrumentation is clear and detailed... The soundstage is surprisingly wide... In essence, this is a quality cable that is uncolored."

- Jay Luong @ ['The 5' - read the full article]

"I recently sold a top of the line $4000 Audience AU24 SX after I heard ['The 5'] with my DAC… ['The 5'] gives you a huge sound stage with ridiculous dynamics"

- M.O. ['The 5', 'The Box']

"Within 5 seconds, ['The 5'] destroyed my $1800.00 cable purchased from a widely known brand. My stereo instantly became louder with a more powerful & dynamic sound stage... (my friends and I) have purchased 13 of these beauties... a must have for the music enthusiast looking for a quality cable that doesn’t break the bank."

- G.Pom (and friends) ['The 5']

"(I) am blown away by the construction of this cable...  (After installing one cable on my processor) I just finished a (extensive listening and watching) session, and this power cable has made an already reference system even better.  The only negative is that all my other cables now want to run and hide."

- J.S. ['The 5']

"His cables are amazing, not just for the money! They brought obvious gains to my system, noticeable at first listen."

That was feedback from Canuck Audio Mart, and here are excerpts from an email beforehand:

"Holy cow"... "I had to shush my wife and turn up the volume"... "Holy  Smokes it was amazing.  I just sat down and was thrilled"... "I am so impressed with your cables"... "I want to say Thanks!!!!!!"  

- B.D. ['The 5']

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