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What Clients Say About The Service:

"Great cables and customer service... Simply fantastic"

- L.S.


"This is my third transaction... professional and seamless transaction...  I’m a repeat customer so that says it all!"

- P.R.


"Friendly, responsive & conscientious"

- R.T.


"Good communication and knowledgeable cable expert."

- R.M.

(The level of service) was something I've never experienced in my life. (He) did everything to make my costumer experience the best":

- B.I.

(He is) always willing to answer all my questions prior to the completion of the purchase"

- D.P.

'The 5'

(a.k.a. "GODZILLA")

4N OFC Conductors w/Teflon Dielectric

4.5 AWG/19mm² "Hot" & "Neutral", 7.5 AWG/9.5mm² Ground

All terminations treated with Stabilant 22A

High-Coverage Grounded Copper Sleeve

Vibration Reduction Sleeve

Gold-Plated 98% Copper content plugs* in Aluminum housings

*US, UK, & AUS/NZ available

(other types require supplied audio-grade adapters)

Choice of 8 finishing sleeve colours

1.2m/4' Standard length
(available up to 10m/33')


To build and price,

first select your region:







The birth of "GODZILLA"

While ‘The Point One' has been called “simply fantastic”, “a beauty”, and to paraphrase one of my personal favourites "my weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse" (thanks for that, B.H.), I like to continually challenge myself, and what's possible.
While I am proud of 'The Point One', and happy with its performance being “Impressive”, I continually strive for “Holy Sh_t!"

So, with that said, allow me to introduce you to 'The 5' [a.k.a. “GODZILLA”].

It features a similar 5 conductor design to the one used in
‘The Point One’, and it also uses 4N Oxygen-Free Copper wires wrapped in a Teflon dielectric, and encased in a heavy EPDM Rubber jacket.
Also, similarly to 'The Point One', there is additional insulation/dielectric material placed between the conductors to keep them separated, and everything is run a spiral pattern for flexibility.

However, ‘The 5’ utilizes 7.5 AWG/9.5mm² conductors [133 x 29 AWG stranded] constructed with a "rope lay" pattern, versus the "bunch lay" pattern of the 9.5 AWG/6mm² conductors [104 x 30 AWG stranded] found in 'The Point One' -
here is a side-by-side comparison of these patterns.  There is also additional cotton run through the middle of the cable, which helps to achieve complete isolation of the conductors.
There are 2 conductors used for the Hot and Neutral lines, making them 4.5 AWG each, and 1 conductor for the Ground.
Some quick math tells you the Hot and Neutral lines are each made up of 266 29 AWG 4N Copper wires – ohhh, baby!

But wait, there's more!... Copper, that is.

In an effort to keep the starting price under $400, the original version of 'The 5' featured a Grounded Copper Sleeve only as an option.

However, that went against my goal of providing the best possible shielding at all times, so I eventually made it a standard feature.

This created a bit of an issue though, because the Copper Sleeve is/was over 8 AWG on its own, and if you add up just the conductors in 'The 5', their total size (how many manufacturers represent cable size, by the way) is greater than 1 AWG.

That's a whack-load (apologies for the technical jargon) of Copper to terminate, so I had to put my thinking hat on.

In the original version of 'The 5', I used Rhodium-plated Furutech Fi50 NCF copies for plugs, which were absolutely fantastic quality, and had a sticker price to match (more on that in a moment).  However, they proved to be very difficult to work with/modify to accommodate the size of 'The 5' with the copper sleeve option, and those plugs had a long burn-in period.

To solve these issues, I decided to invest in some new toys... uh, I mean tools – yes dear, they were definitely tools! modify the Aluminum housings and Gold plugs I was using (more on that below) for 'The Point One'.

The Gold plugs made for a much shorter burn-in period and more laid-back sound (easier on your system, and on your ears), and the grounded copper sleeve resulted in a much blacker background than the original version.

As a nice bonus, most of the added cost from the Copper sleeve was offset by using my existing plugs (versus the pricier Fi50 copies), which allowed me to keep the overall price where I wanted.


As time went on, "GODZILLA" grew quite a bit in popularity and I was spending more and more time modifying all those plugs and housings, so it came time to invest in something else - my own line of plugs and housings.  I'm a pretty particular guy so the process of designing my own line of plugs was a long one, but I'm quite happy with the results, and I think you will be, too.  You will be especially happy with this fact - all of the time, effort, and cost that went in to designing these new plugs is offset by the time I now save when building (IE. I no longer have to modify any materials).  This means that once again, the overall price has remained the same.  

Speaking of the price, don't let it fool you - ‘The 5’ is the real deal, and it's designed and built to take on ALL challengers (including zombies).


This cable is, in a word, "GODZILLA"! And when you hear it…

Holy sh_t!

*This is technically the fifth model of power cable I've dreamed [dreamt?] up, and it was originally intended to be a 5 AWG cable, so clearly my household is not very creative when it comes to naming things.  For further evidence, you can refer to our pet bunny, whose name was... Mr. Bunny (R.I.P. M.B.)

What Clients Say About The Product:

"These things do exactly what they are built to do - put no signature on, nor restrict any power flow to your components."

- J.K.


"This is a fantastic cable, performing far above its price point"

- D.S.


"I had to shush my wife and turn up the volume", "Holy  Smokes it was amazing.  I just sat down and was thrilled"

- B.D.


"The improvement of the sound is dramatic... The space is filled with more music and it clearly gains in beauty, warmth and volume."

- Dr. P.

There isn't another cable out there that can compete at this price. Who knows...maybe at any price!"

- M.H.

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