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What Clients Say About The Service:


"Nawaz’s service and professionalism is top rate. Always willing to answer questions and offer suggestions"

- C.E.


"What puts Nawaz apart is the quality of his service.  A true professional in every aspect - product and service"

- L.L.

"Goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I consider Nawaz and his products to be a gift and blessing to audiophiles and the audio community as a whole."

- J.T.

"A pleasure to deal with. Quick, honest and friendly responses"

- S.H.

'The Box'

Unrestricted Power, Unmatched Value

All-Aluminum shielded & grounded chassis for excellent noise rejection
2m/6.5' Hard-wired
'The 5' cable(s)
Audio-Grade receptacles w/Pure Copper Gold-Plated Blades

(current website picture
s show different receptacles)
Accepts 15 and/or 20 Amp plugs
Each receptacle directly wired for unrestricted power

7.5 AWG/9.5mm² Hot(s) & Neutral(s), 11 AWG/5mm² Ground(s)
All terminations treated with Stabilant 22A
Additional length(s) @ $36/foot
Add grounding post(s) @ $20 each

Please contact for further customization,

and/or International orders

(may return in 2024, but I'm not sure yet)

The story of 'The Box'

A few years ago, a client came to me with a simple request - make him a power distribution box.

He didn't want a line conditioner, re-generator, or anything else that was actively doing something to his power.  He just wanted to take what was in his wall, and direct it to his gear in the most efficient way possible.

I had a pretty good starting point, because as luck would have it, just a few months prior to this he had asked me to make the absolute biggest baddest power cable I could muster, which resulted in 'The 5'.

So, with a monster of a power cable in the form of 'The 5' already in hand, I had the bright idea of simply hooking a few high-quality power receptacles directly to it, and 'The Box' was born - here is the one I made for him.

The result was/is exactly what that client wanted, nothing more, nothing less - the most efficient power distribution I can muster.

I hope you like yours as much as he likes his.


What Clients Say About The Product:

"'The Box' sounds fantastic - it added "muscles" to my system"

- M.O.


"Not only (does it) look amazing, but the music has become more engaging and its presentation cleaner"

- D.B.


"I have to admit there is no oxymoron when it comes to science and math working in concert with your art"

- C.J.

"There is more separation and clarity between instruments...

I am beyond surprised...

Thank you for the smile on my face"

- C.E.

Power Cables - North America, Gold plugs
Power Cables - U.K. plugs
Power Cables - AUS & NZ plugs
The 5 - Group 1
The 5 - Group 2
AWG to mm2 chart - 0000 to 18 AWG
NRG Custom Cables - 'The 5' construction
NRG Custom Cables - 'The
Power Cables - North America, Rhodium plugs
Schuko 6-outlet Box
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