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What Clients Say About The Service:


"(Nawaz) promptly honoured his warranty and shipped a replacement within a week (and) provided a return shipping label...

Could not ask for better customer service"

- Tim

"Packaging is superb; all terminations and breakouts are individually protected - the terminations in soft spectacle like pouches, with the NRG motif on (nice touch)"

- L.C.

"When I got the cables, I had broken one of the pins through my own negligence.(Nawaz) fixed it for free and sent it back the same week. This was something I've never experienced in my life. (He) did everything to make my customer experience the best."

- B.I.

'The 6:6'

(The Six-to-Six)

*Please see "Speaker Cable Construction" below

for a note about recent online reviews


4N OFC stranded wire

EACH polarity/leg is 6 AWG/13mm², made up of

10 individually insulated runs of 16 AWG/1.6mm²

The 10 wire runs in each leg are in a spiral pattern,

and the 2 legs (per channel) are in a loose braid

Vibration Reduction Sleeve

Gold-Plated 98% Copper content plugs*

*See "P.P.S." below regarding the cosmetics

All terminations treated with Stabilant 22A

Straight, Bi-Wire, or Tri-Wire configurations

Choice of 8 finishing sleeve colours

2m/6.5' standard length
(available up to 10m/33')

Priced for stereo pair

(also sold individually, just cut the price in half)

Select your region:

(prices include shipping/processing






Speaker Cable Construction


All terminations are treated internally with Stabilant 22A contact enhancer.  Despite their heavy AWG, they are quite flexible, making them very easy to maneuver (and they look pretty darn cool, too).  The standard configuration is a 2m/6.5' stereo pair terminated with Straight Banana Plugs (n/c for plug changes), and they can also be purchased individually (ex. A centre channel speaker).  However, if the listed options don't meet your needs, feel free to get in touch; if you can dream it, I can probably build it.



P.S.  When compared to power cables, speaker cables use roughly 4 times the materials (more wire, sleeves, and plugs/terminations), which means they require 3-4 times the labour to complete.  This typically results in a considerable price difference between power and speaker cables with other manufacturers, but in an effort to maintain "synergy" in my overall pricing, I have (heavily) discounted the labour on my speaker cables.

There's no need to thank me, just buy a set and we'll call it even.

P.P.S.  The plugs (Bananas and Spades) shown in recent online reviews were only product samples of a design I created in 2023, so they are not available for purchase.

All of the materials in my current cables are the same as those review pieces, so their performance is EXACTLY the same - it is only their cosmetics that differ.  My apologies for any confusion.

What Clients Say About The Product:

"I've only had these in my system since yesterday, but already I'm hearing greater weight and authority in bass and LFs, individual instruments have greater solidity and weight, the noise floor in my system has dropped yet again (after recently adding 'The .1' CS)... I thought it was pretty good anyway, but the 6:6's surprised me"

- L.C.

"I have tried a number of cables and the NRG cable by far is the biggest improvement I have ever heard from a cable!
Great customer service also!"

- D.K.


"I don’t understand why (cables) make such a difference, but they do! They add clarity and have made such a difference with bass 'snap'. Well done"

- M.W.

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